Thursday, October 28, 2010

its time to start blogging!

I, Brooke, hereby commit myself to post a blog one time a week!

At this very moment I am laying in bed and Nick is sound asleep next to me (snoring I might add) and I am just thinking about how much I love him. We have been saving like crazy to pay off my dang student loans and also saving for a cute little home that we will someday (hopefully soon) purchase.

**Ha! I saved this draft on 10/28/10 and committed to posting once a week and didn't even make it through that post! The fact that I even logged in to my account is progress! Who knows? Maybe I will start blogging more often. Once a week? Probably not. :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

On my mind...

1. I love my husband so, so much.

2. I miss my sister more than anything and its no fair that some people get to see her everyday and I am not one of them.

3. My mom is a Saint and I hope I can be half the woman she is.

4. The ones who I love the most are hard for me to forgive. With others, I have no problem.

5. Some of my truest friends I can go up to months without talking and the relationship will always be the same... aka Kristi, Jen.

6. I have been working out and it makes a huge difference in my days.

7. Apparently, there is room in my heart for one more favorite store (besides the $5.99 store), THE TEN DOLLAR STORE!! If you have never been, come visit me in cali and we will make a day of it!

8. I am beginning to love blogging. What a great way to put my feelings out into the Universe!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I could get used to this...

So Nick and I are living in San Diego for 4 months while Nick completes his internship for an Advertising Agency called Virto Robertson. Now... I hate to name drop but this company is legit! We are talking huge accounts like IHOP, PF Changs, Taylor Guitars, Asics, Pei Wei, Cobra Golf, Yamaha and many more!!

Every day he gets dressed up in the cutest outfits and he heads to the city for 8 hours. He absolutely loves interning there and always tells me how much he can learn from the company. All of his co-workers are extremely nice and he loves the atmosphere. Hey... who wouldn't enjoy a ping pong table in the front lobby?

Meanwhile, I am looking for a job. Since we have been here, all my days have been just about the same. Wake up, make nick a packed lunch, work out, swim/lay out, chiropractor, and shopping with my mom. And then after a long day filled with hard work, I eat amazing meals that my mom cooks and go for walks on the beach with Nick. I mean really, my life is amazing right now. Don't be too jealous. Reality will set in soon. Someday I will use my degree and work my butt off every day. Just let me enjoy this time of absolute freedom!

Monday, October 12, 2009

it smells of many things

Nick is getting his feet zoned by Brandilyn's mama. All of the sudden he is super relaxed.

Now we are going to have root beer floats with Jods, Brandilyn, Dave and Henry Weinhards. I love blogging! 

My first blog post

Hello! This is my first post. Thanks to the help of Stephanie for setting this up and Brandilyn for giving me a tutorial!

I am an official blogger so watch out!